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More than 11,000 global influencers leverage rewardStyle’s turn-key ecosystem of simple-to-use tech products, strategic consulting, educational services and the mobile publishing and distribution platform to maximize the economic success of their content across all platforms: web, mobile and social.

  1. 2.3M+ users
  2. generating $210 million in sales to retail partners
  3. 1k+ original pieces of content published daily


Built and maintained features inside the rewardStyle iOS mobile app (influencer app and utilized technologies from the consumer app

  1. Objective-C and Swift.
  2. CoreData for persisting favorited items within up to thousands of directories.
  3. MVVM + MVC + MVP architectures.
  4. CocoaPods for pod dependency management.
  5. Bitrise for continuous integration, pushing to a branch deploys a build on TestFlight.
  6. IGListKit for complex list views with multiple controllers.
  7. AFNetworking with a custom wrapper for network calls.
  8. Amplitude for analytics across most of the app.
  9. Purelayout for dynamic layouts programmatically, used interface builder for legacy views.
  10. Third party API integrations for sharing products to Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Integration of new rewardStyle API's for mobile app consumption.

  1. Python and PHP for legacy endpoints.
  2. Stoplight for mocking up web services.
  3. Paw for organizing and outlining the revised LTK API.

Built part of the front end web experience for rewardStyle's Display product

  1. Javascript with AngularJS for the application framework.
  2. SASS for extending and generating CSS.
  3. Gulp for the build system, minifying, and linting.
reward style app ensemble
(left to right) rewardStyle mobile app, LTK consumer app + website



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The technologies provided by thismoment helped power campaigns and custom solutions for more than a quarter of the Fortune 500 brands.

thismoment powered sites
a few examples of sites built with DEC + Content Cloud

Thismoment Content Cloud, is a digital storytelling platform that enables effortless content curation, digital experience creation and sharing and seamless enterprise technology integration.


Create web APIs to help drive front end experiences.

  1. PHP on a LAMP stack server.
  2. Apigility to quickly build RESTful endpoints and RPC services.
  3. MySQL for storing module and page information.
  4. Doctrine to improve performance and provide an ORM for content and user data.
  5. Amazon S3 to store UGC uploads.
  6. ImageMagick to manipulate the UGC image uploads.

Rewrite and refactor legacy code to make it easy to maintain and extend upon. Wrote and designed framework and modular components for front end SDK.

  1. Lots of custom PHP and Javascript.
  2. XDebug for debugging and profiling.
  3. Modules using a variety of frameworks BackboneJS, Marionette, and jQuery.
  4. Multiple analytics and tracking systems to fit client needs.
  5. LESS for CSS organization and minimization.

Designed and wrote documentation for software features and presented those in a biweekly review.

thismoment Content Cloud CMS
Content Cloud


Hobbyfan Logo

Unassuming shop selling collectable anime plush toys, models & figurines for adult comic lovers.

Hobbyfan retail site
Hobbyfan's client facing retail site.


Wrote administrative software to scrape and store products. Implemented various carts and payment systems. Handled Amazon Seller account.

  1. PHP with MySQL.
  2. Magento E-commerce framework.
  3. payments integration.
  4. Implemented Prestashop cart and developed custom module for preorders.
  5. HTML/CSS/JS with jQuery and AJAX techniques for web site and administrative site frontend.
Hobbyfan admin tools
Administration tools

Worked in a small team and was responsible for a variety of functions including processing orders and organizing shipments for conventions.