Tim Cool

I’m Tim Cool, and this is my website. I live in Oakland, CA and work full time as a Software Engineer. Ever since I was young, I’ve always been interested in science, technology, video games, comics, and movies. I started creating computer games when I was around ten years old, using the visual programming application CocoaDR3, along with programs like Hypercard and Hyperstudio on my family's Macintosh Performa 550. From there I would graduate to more advanced programming languages like REALbasic, then C++ (mostly for school, and fun).

For most of my academic and professional life, I’ve enjoyed working with interactive media and writing software applications. I’ve been building iOS apps and developing websites for the past eight years or so. It's great to be in a field where every day I'm learning something new!

From my LinkedIn: I'm a software developer, technology enthusiast, and geek with an appreciation for art. My primary objective is to work with other self-motivated individuals to create great things. I love games, challenges, and solving interesting problems.

My other interests include going to the gym, philosophy, Japanese culture, and my mustang.

Current interests: Vue.js, Unity Engine, VR/AR, and Quantum assembly.